What is the STORM Team?

Special Team of Role Models (STORM) is a program that is comprised of students who fit a very strict acceptance policy based upon moral integrity, steadfast training, and total discipline inside and outside of the Dojang. At the current time, Master Bruce is in charge of recruiting and appointing persons to this specially selected team of exceptional students / Black Belts. Membership isn’t easy to attain. Becoming a member of this elite team of select martial artists within Bruce Taekwondo Academy is a high honor. Special Team of Role Models are specifically chosen individuals from within the student and Black Belt ranks who have demonstrated leadership capability and tendency in and out of class. This leadership team furthers fellow martial artists’ training by assistance in teaching martial arts techniques, motivate fellow students, and communicate with students, parents, and instructors.

Aside from the current Black Belts that already have attained their Instructor certification, the STORM Team will be Master Bruce’s Leadership Team.  STORM members are held to that high standard outside of the school as well. Members should conduct themselves as the “face” of BTKDA at all times. Reports of STORM members being involved in activities or behaviors that are not aligned with the behavior standards of BTKDA will be immediately dismissed from STORM team.
What is the Purpose of the STORM Team: The STORM Team is intended to develop, motivate, and reward students from age 8 thru adult who have excellent attitudes in and out of the Dojang and strive for technical excellence in class.  This program will develop STORM Team students / Black Belts towards higher levels of leadership and Martial Arts excellence as they prepare to become instructors at Bruce Taekwondo Academy.

What are the Benefits of being part of the STORM Team?

•    Develop Leadership Qualities and Skills
•    Learn to teach
•    Ability to Attend Instructor Class or Advance Class when scheduled
•    Access to Special STORM Team Only Activities
•    Wear elite STORM uniform (you will need to purchase $80.00)
•    Receive Special STORM Team Patch
•    Receive Student Informational / Instructor manual


•    Be age 12 or older
•    Be a member of Bruce Taekwondo Academy
•    Hold the rank of Blue belt or higher
•    Be a model student inside the Dojang and be selected by GM Bruce and the STORM Team Director.
•    Be a model student outside the Dojang and be recommended by your parents and school teachers (if under the age of 18 or if you are still in High School).
•    Regularly train a minimum two classes per week.
If eligibility requirements are met, the student becomes what is known as a STORM Candidate.  While a STORM Candidate, the student will:
•    Read, agree to, and sign the STORM Agreement
•    Receive Parental Recommendation (if under age 18)
•    Receive Teacher Recommendation (if still in school)
•    Turn in most recent copy of your school report if applicable


How the Selection Process Works:
Participation in the STORM Team is by invitation only.  If you are selected an instructor will provide you with a  STORM Application Form to fill out. Once the form has been turned in, STORM Director and Grand Master Bruce will review your application.

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